Recommended System Requirements.

This checklist summarises the recommended system requirements that are needed to operate Whiz CMS.

1. * Windows 2016 or above

• NET CLR 4.0,
• NET Framework 4.x,
• IIS 10, ASP.NET 4.x

2. * SQL 2016 or above

Express edition supported

3. SMTP service

For sending out emails from CMS

4. RAM: 4 GB

Minimum 2 GB

5. CMS disk space initial requirement

• 5 GB web space
• 10 GB database space

• CMS Disk space grows with time and usage.
• Separate CMS space and OS space in different disk volumes.
• Actual space required will depend on type of media/content stored in the website.
• Do consider enough space for OS growth.
* Older versions supported but not recommended.