Whiz Highlights.

Best in class Content Management System. Secure, robust, reliable, speedy, and easy self-service. Complete with top notch support.

From blogs to corporate websites, Whiz CMS is packed full with many robust features and functionality to meet your content management needs – scalable, more flexible, and more efficient.

WhooshPro Whiz CMS


User experience centric. Highly customizable front-end website. User friendly content administration back-end website.

WhooshPro Whiz CMS


Flexible in implementation and integration. Multi-tier content workflow. Role based security access. Unlimited user account license.

WhooshPro Whiz CMS


Robust system architecture. Multi-tier code architecture. Multi-tier server architecture.

WhooshPro Whiz CMS


Blazing fast Performance. Static web front HTML serving. Decoupled web-front and back-end engine.

WhooshPro Whiz CMS


Multi factor authentication. Isolated administration website. Thorough vulnerability assessment.

Why Whiz?

We have helped countless clients deliver robust solutions that works. Singapore or Global, from startups, SMEs, to MNCs, we have partnered with clients from various industry sectors to government agencies, to fulfil their goals.

The Team

Proficient and diligent team goes a long way to help you implement a successful and on point CMS tools, with good quality.

User and Search Engine Friendly

User friendly and responsive CMS applications makes your user happy, and Search engine friendly one makes search engines know about your site well.

Maintainability and Scalability

To keep up with technology and evolving needs, CMS software that is easy to maintain and enhance has the edge. And to cater for high traffic, scalability is paramount.

Security and Protection

Today, cyber threat is prevalent. CMS platforms that is well secured is a must. Strong protection is more important than ever and is everybody's responsibility.

Made With Whiz.

Used and trusted by our clients. Be it a CMS website, mobile app, or content distribution display system, check out our selection of fantastic products that are managed using Whiz CMS.